‘Advanced Difference System 2.0’ is the latest roulette publication and was also only available as a printed book for the initial 2 years but it has now been released as an eBook.. ADS 2.0 is POWERFUL – VERY POWERFUL AND VERY ROBUST!

  • Fully illustrated with sample session recording and explanation
  • Over 120 pages of content recaps ‘The Difference System’ [TDS] and follows through with what’s new in ADS 2.0
  • ADS 2.0 not only completely eliminates the threat of a zero occurrence – it converts the threat into a positive advantage.
  • ADS 2.0 is easy to master and the bankroll requirement is not too high – minimal risk
  • ADS 2.0 has only one single point of failure – a very unlikely point of failure at that.
  • Easy to secure consistent wins and ideal for professionals seeking to play regularly on a daily basis