May 2, 2019

ADS 2.0 – Major Update [May 2019]

Although ADS 2.0 was only published on the 13th March 2019, my last trip to the casino lasting a week was to play ADS 2.0 with 2 new tweaks which will be fully disclosed in this major update.

While the threat from ZERO was totally eliminated and turned into an advantage, I had previously thought that the ‘neutral outcomes’ could not be improved until I made a slight tweak which resulted in the conversion of ALL ‘neutral outcomes’ into WINNING OUTCOMES!

And to top it off, the tweak also made it possible and feasible to just play ADS with flat bets and still easily achieve session targets.

No progressions needed for those who find progressions a scary proposition.

This major update also discloses an update on criteria for fluctuations as well.

All these developments are extremely exciting indeed and they all serve to help us achieve regular session targets with minimal stress and risk!

Click here for Advanced Difference System 2.0