July 28, 2019

[TIP] Why You Should NEVER Play RNG Roulette Online…

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With the convenience of the internet and an abundance of online casinos accessible in most countries, it is understandable that you would rather choose to stay home and play online rather than make that trip to a land-based casino.

Personally I prefer to play in a real land-based casino because I like the ambiance and it is a break from the daily routines at home.

If you prefer to play online, then my advice is to play in an online casino that offers LIVE dealers.

You can generally play roulette online in 3 possible modes:

Option#1: Live dealer in a real land-based casino setting

Option#2: Live dealer roulette in a studio setting

Option#3: RNG Roulette – software simulation

If I had to play online, I would choose option#1 above.

Here, you are looking at a real casino setting where a camera streams a live game to you. You can see other real players at the table and you can see the dealer and the wheel clearly.

This is the best mode as the game is not too fast and you will have sufficient time to make your bet selection and place your bets in time before the dealer calls ‘no-more-bets’.

However, depending on what time it is where the real casino is, the crowd can be thin and if the table is empty then the game can also speed up quite tremendously.

So, choose the time and tables carefully so that you are not playing alone against the casino.

Option#2 above is a studio setting where you can see a dealer and a roulette wheel and all the dealer does is look pretty and spins the ball while chatting to other online players who often seem to be there trying to get a date or start a relationship!

In this mode, the game is very fast and you will be pushed for time if the system to use requires time for analysis and bet selection. You will often miss out some critical bets because of insufficient time and as fate would have it, the missed number will then come up! And because dealers are all sweet and pretty, it is easy to get distracted – so avoid this mode of roulette.

Option#3 is a complete NO NO. You will find that the software will initially let you win and as your confidence builds, you start playing heavier and that is when they hit you. It is just too easy for software to be programmed to do this and I have absolutely ZERO TRUST as far as playing RNG roulette is concerned.

So, if you choose to play online, make sure you go for a Live Dealer in a real casino setting and when the table is not empty! That’s my advice to you.

And before you even think about taking the casino on, I strongly suggest you equip yourself with some powerful analysis and betting strategies.

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